Dun Deal unleashes an official version of “Friend of Scotty” now featuring Ty Dolla $ign.




It’s been more than a year since we first heard this leak, and I vividly remember this record as being a turning point of sorts for me, when it came to Young Thug. It was probably one of the first songs from him I had on consistently on repeat (and now that’s basically every Thug song #lol). It was obviously just a leak at the time, Thugger has always been a big target of leaks, and while that remains true, the producer of the record (Dun Deal) has finally decided to release an official version which now includes a bit of melody from Ty Dolla $ign.

Apart from Ty’s opening verse, the song remains much the same as the original leak (including infamous lyrics like “no homo but my blunt look like a dick”). It’s not clear what this song will be used for, but thank you Dun Deal for liberating it (again/officially). This is the second song we’ve received from Thug in two days, following up his official Hy!£UN35 single “Gangster Shit.”

Quotable Lyrics

She was a friend of Dolla now she a friend of Molly
I slid up on that pussy like I’m playing hockey
She hopped up on my dick like a fucking jockey- Ty Dolla